Welcome to the Australian International Animation Festival 2020!

2020 Update: Dear AIAF faithful, we are primed and ready to go but also want a happy and healthy audience living without fear of COVID-19 by following the best advice given by the world’s leading health experts. No-one wants death stares if they dare sneeze in the cinema, or security guards counting toilet sheets; so we are holding back the festival until health officials declare it is safe to play this year’s Late Night Bizarre. We thank you for all your fantastic support and patience, knowing you will look after each other and take care until we hopefully see you soonish! :)

What is AIAF?

The Australian International Animation Festival (AIAF) is a non-profit venture bringing the worlds’ best animation to Australian audiences. Our ethos is to bring incredible, independent, inspiring, experimental, quality animation to as wide an audience as possible by presenting a true snapshot of the international animation scene on the big screen in Wagga Wagga. The mission is not only to bring quality animated films to the masses, but to build upon an untapped network of diverse artists with the potential to drive the future economy of creative industries. Our reward is attracting passionate animation enthusiasts in the undoubtedly one of the most relaxed and informal animation festivals you’ll find anywhere.

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