International Program #3

Your big picture view of the international animation scene through an eclectic collection of recently released short animated works.
Featured in AIAF2004
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (18+)
New Balls Please
Richard James
Beefcake on centre lawn.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:15
Year: 2004
Sylvain Crombet, Mathieu Gastaldi, Lucas Vallerie
World's most amazing wind instrument.
Country: France
Runtime: 6:00
Year: 2003
The Witches
Elizabeth Hobbs
Truly extraordinary watercolour technique.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 6:15
Year: 2002
The Erl King
Hannes Rall
Bold rendition of the Goethe fable, "The Erl King"
Country: Germany
Runtime: 8:00
Year: 2003
Red Thread
Jo Lawrence
A world ruled by the desire for red thread.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:45
Year: 2001
A Title Here
G. Pageau
Baby eating, sheep dancing, super explosive chaos!
Country: Canada
Runtime: 2:15
Simon Goulet
11 years, 540l of paint, 56 colours, 33000 digitised images.
Country: Canada
Runtime: 8:15
Year: 2003
Mr. Cloth
Raul Diez
Mr Cloth stumbles in an abandoned railway station.
Country: Spain
Runtime: 11:00
Year: 2002
Isabel Bouttens
A diver, a goldfish, a crescent moon, some magic.
Country: Belgium
Runtime: 7:00
Year: 2002
Farshid Shafiey
Perspective goes out the window - literally!
Country: Iran
Runtime: 8:00
Year: 2003
Aiju Salminen, Aino Ovaskainen, Christer Lindstrom
A lumberjack & a giant bunny.
Country: Finland
Runtime: 6:00
Year: 2002
Polar Bears - "Gary's Fall"
Pierre Coffin
Polar bears with broken arms playing football.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:25