Australian Showcase

A chance for Australian animation to come front and centre. This is the first comprehensive snapshot of Australian animation in 2014 and if this collection is anything to go by, creative Australian animation is in tremendous shape. One of our most important and popular programs, there aren't many opportunities to see Australian animation on the big screen and each year AIAF probably shows more than any other event in the world. This is an opportunity to see what Australian animators are doing, how they're doing it and how the art form is traveling. After the screening there is a chance to meet many of the animators, hear them talk about their films and ask them questions about their work.
Featured in AIAF2014
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (15+)
Cubed Cubed
Ue En Ge
A spectacular spectacle of cubic cubicing cubed.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 2:40
Year: 2013
Descent Descent
Timothy Jeffs
A morphing fiesta of suburban iconography, household miscellanea and unfiltered ideas engaged in an eye melting choreography of the imagination.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 1:33
Year: 2013
Le Tour Le Tour
James Hazael
Mismatches come in all shapes and forms and sometimes it is just a happy accident that sorts them out.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 2:53
Year: 2013
Bless You Bless You
Phillip Watts
Anybody can create an amazing model city but it takes a true evil genius to destroy it. A bit of extra spice helps though.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 1:32
Year: 2013
Flying Higher Flying Higher
Tom Rodwell
The view from up here is glorious but turning on the power takes it to a whole other level.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 1:16
Year: 2013
51 51
Kristian Griggs
There are only so many ways to protect the lone inhabitant of Area 51. And sooner or later he's going to make a break for it.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 2:30
Year: 2013
Start Game Start Game
Phillip Pryor
Gaming from a different perspective. And "Invincibility" isn't necessarily as good as it sounds.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 2:45
Year: 2012
Young: The Paper Kites Young: The Paper Kites
Darcy Prendergast
Oh Yeah Wow does it again. The logistics alone make this amazing music video worth watching.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 3:46
Year: 2013
Crave Stone Crave Stone
Aidan Judd
A fight to the grisly, bloody death for possession of a precious, magic gem.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 2:00
Year: 2013
Kookaburra Kookaburra
Ramya Chandrasekaran
You know it, I know it, let's just say it out loud? Some kookaburra's are evil. They just are.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 3:52
Year: 2014
Machine Wash Only Machine Wash Only
Alice Peacock
Just one more reason (if one is needed) to think long and hard before doing any washing.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 2:16
Year: 2013
Dukes Of Broxstonia: Mojo Dukes Of Broxstonia: Mojo
Stu Connolly
The Dukes are back! And musically one of them needs to make a trip to the mountaintop to get his guitar mojo back.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 2:59
Year: 2013
Sausage Sausage
Robert Grieves

A bitter battle for sweet success. A darkly humourous take on the murky culture of food production.

Country: Australia , United Kingdom
Runtime: 6:49
Year: 2013
Kwa Fu Kwa Fu
Liwen Sun, Xinyu Cao, Yin-Ching Lai
Desperation takes hold as the Gods move in and the world begins to tear itself apart.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 4:42
Year: 2013
Home Home
Richard Shilling
A message from a long deserted Planet Earth draws a search party of exiles back into a strange and dangerous new world.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 4:15
Year: 2013
The Elephant's Garden The Elephant's Garden
Felix Colgrave
A glimpse into a uniquely psychedelic Garden Of Eden - evolution's (very) alternative universe.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 4:25
Year: 2013
Position Vacant Position Vacant
Leonie Yue
A job interview is stressful enough when everything goes well but this hapless applicant has everything going against him.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 2:47
Year: 2013
Rocket Dog Rocket Dog
Mel Roach

Whoever said dog was man's best friend has never met Rocket Dog. Sure, he means well but the trail of destruction tells another story.

Country: Australia , United States
Runtime: 5:16
Year: 2013
The Mail The Mail
Elijah Akouri
What's the postman's credo again?? Neither wind nor rain nor snow nor insane belligerent letterboxes shall stop the postman making his rounds. Something like that.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 7:21
Year: 2013
The Gallant Captain The Gallant Captain
Katrina Mathers, Graeme Base, Patrick Sarell
From the makers of "Nullabor", an epic, gorgeously crafted digital rendition of a beautiful Graeme Base illustrated book.
Country: Australia
Runtime: 8:10
Year: 2013