International Program #2

The International Programs are the backbone of the festival line-up. The freshest new shorts taken from the 2,500+ that entered (a record, folks!!). There's every style, every technique, every genre. Drawn from a global call for entries, they are a set of headlights illuminating the current state of the international indie and auteur animation scene worldwide. Straight from their desk to your eyeballs.
Featured in AIAF2014
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (15+)
Na Ni Nu Ne No No Na Ni Nu Ne No No
Manabu Himeda
Hey Nu! Hey You! We have to be "Na Ni Ne No" without you! Hey Nu.
Country: Japan
Runtime: 3:04
Year: 2013
Betty's Blues Betty's Blues
Remi Vandenitte
One night in the Boogie Woogie Club down on Jackson, a small group of jaded barflies get a lesson in the origin of the Blues.
Country: Belgium
Runtime: 11:45
Year: 2013
Echo Echo
Merlin Flugel
A bizarre, constantly confounding landscape populated by a strange and contorting population of shape shifting creatures.
Country: Germany
Runtime: 4:49
Year: 2013
Big Hands Oh Big Hands Big Hands Oh Big Hands
Lei Lei
A window into the richly surreal world of super-charged Big Hand Proliferation - with songs (sort of)!
Country: China
Runtime: 6:00
Year: 2012
Jazz That Nobody Asked For Jazz That Nobody Asked For
Esben Fisker, Rune Fisker
Pop the box, release the energy, unleash the band. The beat can take it from here.
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 4:11
Year: 2013
Resistant Soul Resistant Soul
Simone Massi
Early May, 1944. On Mt St Angelo there is a house which is filled with sleep and the dreams of peasants, partisans and a child.
Country: Italy
Runtime: 4:41
Year: 2013
Strange Wonderful Strange Wonderful
Stephanie Swart
A bubble-eyed cacophony of indescribable schemes from the other side of this guy's mental looking glass.
Country: United States
Runtime: 4:19
Year: 2013
Land Land
Masanobu Hiraoka
A visually delicious banquet of high concept digital dis-abstractionism.
Country: Japan
Runtime: 3:42
Year: 2013
A Wolf In The Tree A Wolf In The Tree
Jiaxing Lin
A woman and a wolf mingle their uncertain worlds of ambiguities in a search for their separate, but entwined, fates.
Country: China
Runtime: 9:32
Year: 2012
Parking Lot Parking Lot
Joshua Catalano
A highly imaginative, geometrically challenging re-think of the ways cars are designed, move and what they mean to us.
Country: Spain
Runtime: 3:07
Year: 2013
Wee Willie Winkie Wee Willie Winkie
Yusuke Sakamoto
Clearly the locals want to stop the man in the street slowly beating the giant crawfish but where does the guy married to a sexy poached egg fit in?
Country: Japan
Runtime: 6:39
Year: 2013
Bendito Machine IV Bendito Machine IV
Jossie Malis
A superbly crafted journey of fascinating intricacy leads us - eventually - to a vision of our near future which should not be ignored.
Country: Spain
Runtime: 9:54
Year: 2012