International Program #3

The International Programs are the backbone of the whole AIAF mission. Your up-to-date snapshot of the world's independent animation scene. The freshest new shorts taken from the 4,000+ that entered (a smashing new record folks!!) There's every style, every technique, every genre. Drawn from a global call for entries, they are a set of headlights illuminating the current state of the international indie and auteur animation scene worldwide. Step right up - get 'em while they're hot!
Featured in AIAF2016
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (15+)
Phantom City Phantom City
Patrick Jenkins
A hand-painted opus laced with noir. A woman with a mysterious suitcase and a man in pursuit - just one of the tales in the Phantom City.
Country: Canada
Runtime: 6:28
Year: 2015
Transparency Transparency
Daniel Suljic
What value does privacy have when it is happily gifted to the ether for often little more than a handful of digital magic beans.
Country: Croatia
Runtime: 6:15
Year: 2015
Face Myself Face Myself
Yuki Koyama
The world can be unkind but there are escape hatches everywhere that lead to peace and beauty.
Country: Japan
Runtime: 2:55
Year: 2015
Cowboyland Cowboyland
David Stumpf
A drunk sheriff isn't much use in this lawless town - and neither is his wooden horse. Lucky the chicken is keeping an eye on things.
Country: Slovakia
Runtime: 4:45
Year: 2015
Black Seed Black Seed
Francesco Rosso
The safe interior of the home is actually riven with potential breech points. The window, the TV, a squawking raven - even the door.
Country: Estonia
Runtime: 6:40
Year: 2014
Hyena Hyena
Einar Baldvin
Clown, clown, gorilla, maniac, zombie duck, ha ha ha, satanic meltdown - repeat!
Country: United States
Runtime: 2:37
Year: 2015
Fish Fish
Lin Zhang
Somewhere on a still ocean the future of the music and the helium to keep the whole edifice afloat find their balance.
Country: China
Runtime: 4:50
Year: 2015
Sillon 672 Sillon 672
Bastien Dupriez
A gently relentless visual beat mustering colour and motion to drive the viewer deep into the groove of vinyl.
Country: France
Runtime: 4:24
Year: 2015
The Whale In The Room The Whale In The Room
Tara Mercedes Wood
Lurking in every imagination, hiding in every meeting place, laying in wait on the perimeter of every thought and conversation is a whale.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 7:27
Year: 2015
Fractured Fractured
Jocie Juritz
Life - that master of our every living moment - pulls and tugs at us until our fault lines tear.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:26
Year: 2015
Life With Herman H. Rott Life With Herman H. Rott
Chintis Lundgren
Take the old Odd Couple idea - steroid it up for fun, throw in a dog with problems and a cat with problems with those problems. Push play.
Country: Estonia
Runtime: 11:07
Year: 2015