It's time to touch base with that massive global 'hitching post' of the digerati.... SIGGRAPH. For over 40 years, this event has been shining the brightest light down the digital animating path, encouraging devotees of the form to constantly push boundaries and experiment with new tools, toys and ideas.
Featured in AIAF2016
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (15+)
L3.0 L3.0
Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declercq, Vincent Defour, Pierre Jury
No matter how perfect the replica, no matter how beautiful a work of art it may be nothing beats what nature produces.
Country: France
Runtime: 4:38
Year: 2015
A Boy And His Kite A Boy And His Kite
Gavin Moran
A film made using a form of animating technology that allows the viewer to move characters around vast amounts of live-action terrain.
Country: United States
Runtime: 2:20
Year: 2015
Atheum's Way Atheum's Way
Aleksander Sakowski, Linhan Ye
There's a storm to survive, an ocean to tame and a beast within that ocean to subdue or perish in the attempt.
Country: New Zealand
Runtime: 4:25
Year: 2015
Chase Me Chase Me
Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud
The exact kind of film that SIGGRAPH attracts and inspires - the world's first 3D printed animated film.
Country: France
Runtime: 2:55
Year: 2015
Parrot Away Parrot Away
Mads Weidner
The pirate is getting ready for the big day and his parrot needs to be looking its very, very best. This is gonna take a few tries.
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 5:49
Year: 2014
Roots Roots
Pierre Bassil, Eva Lusbaronian, Hugo De Faucompret, Hugo Weiss
Morning in the jungle and time for the house to uproot itself and go for a walk. But it's not the only unusual creature roaming about.
Country: France
Runtime: 4:22
Year: 2014
Jinxy Jenkins And Lucky Lou Jinxy Jenkins And Lucky Lou
Michelle Kwon, Michael Bidinger
One has nothing but bad luck, the other nothing but the best luck. A match made in heaven or a happy medium?
Country: United States
Runtime: 3:50
Year: 2014
Citius, Altius, Fortius Citius, Altius, Fortius
Felix Deimann
A brilliantly conceived, precisely executed digital abstraction of some of the finest moments in international sport.
Country: Germany
Runtime: 3:15
Year: 2014
Tide - The Paradox Effect Tide - The Paradox Effect
Marcella Moser
Fiery meteors rain down on an arid landscape - deserted bar a strange being who strides amidst the chaos.
Country: Canada
Runtime: 3:29
Year: 2015
Splash Splash
Neely Goniodsky
One drink, a decent hot-jazz track and he's outa there! Really outa there!
Country: France
Runtime: 4:47
Year: 2015
Dji. Death Sails Dji. Death Sails
Dmitri Voloshin
Death arrives on the raft ready to get to work - but first there is the treasure to deal with.
Country: Moldova
Runtime: 5:18
Year: 2015
A Tale Of Momentum And Inertia A Tale Of Momentum And Inertia
Kameron Gates, Kirk Kellley
No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you just can't please some people. Best to just let it go.
Country: United States
Runtime: 1:11
Year: 2014
Sumsing Sumsing
Martin Rahmlow
A pulsating journey deep into the most complex and unrelenting of all machines.
Country: Germany
Runtime: 3:48
Year: 2015
The OceanMaker The OceanMaker
Lucas Martell
In a post-apocalyptic world of savage water scarcity, one pilot makes the ultimate sacrifice to stop the rain bandits.
Country: United States
Runtime: 10:04
Year: 2014