It's time to touch base with that massive global 'hitching post' of the digerati.... SIGGRAPH. For over 40 years, this event has been shining the brightest light down the digital animating path, encouraging devotees of the form to constantly push boundaries and experiment with new tools, toys and ideas.
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Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (15+)
Analogue Loaders Analogue Loaders
Rafael Mayrhofer
Your daily diet of on-screen symbols reimagined in the ultimate 3D.
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:03
Year: 2017
Resistance Resistance
Alex Chauvet, Anna Le Danois, Quentin Foulon, Fabien Glasse, Juliette Jean, Julie Narat
They might be big, they scary and they might be hungry - but they're vulnerable.
Country: France
Runtime: 7:12
Year: 2016
Garden Party Garden Party
Theophile Dufresne, Florian Babikian, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire
It's dinner time in this fine mansion but there's something a little odd about the guests. And where is the host?
Country: France
Runtime: 7:12
Year: 2016
Going Ape Going Ape
Nicolas Lesaffre, Charles Blanchard
It'll be a crazy, crazy world when the apes take over - crazy good!!
Country: Hong Kong SAR China
Runtime: 4:31
Year: 2017
Asteria Asteria
Alexandre Arpentinier, Mathieu Blanchys, Lola Grand, Tristan Lamarca, Thomas Lemaille, Jean-Charles Lusseau
Sometimes in the showdown to colonise the universe, old-school machismo works. Sadly, today isn't one of those times.
Country: France
Runtime: 4:44
Year: 2016
Scrambled Scrambled
Bastiaan Schravendeel
The spirit of the rubric's cube lives on, haunting a lonely train platform, willing solitary travellers to master the puzzle.
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 6:25
Year: 2017
Maxime Gental, Zoe Pelegrin-Bomel, Edwin Leeds, Pulkita Mathur, Jonathan Valette, Catherine Larde
A young boy wakes from an accident to what seems like a frightening future until he sees the upside start to kick in.
Country: France
Runtime: 7:28
Year: 2017
Poilus Poilus
Guillaume Auberval, Lea Dozoul, Simon Gomez, Timothe Hek, Hugo Lagrange, Antoine Laroye, David Lashcari
Deep in the trenches, the day dawns and the whistle blows. It's time to go over the top.
Country: France
Runtime: 4:37
Year: 2016
The Shark In The Park The Shark In The Park
Fabian Pross
Every ecosystem has its alpha predators and its surprising survivors.
Country: Germany
Runtime: 3:03
Year: 2016
Dreams-On Logo Dreams-On Logo
Bohong Deng
The ultimate logo for the ultimate product.
Country: China
Runtime: 1:16
Year: 2017
Farewell Farewell
Adeline Jacquot
The boundary between artwork and real life is an uncharted and unpredictable one.
Country: France
Runtime: 7:18
Year: 2017
Song Of A Toad Song Of A Toad
Kariem Saleh
A boy and his ugly braintoad defy all attempts to separate them.
Country: Germany
Runtime: 7:33
Year: 2016
The Inksect The Inksect
Pablo Calvillo
Humans have been devolved to insects and knowledge banished. But they forgot to get rid of all the books.
Country: Mexico
Runtime: 9:05
Year: 2016