Damian Candusso


Animation 102: Audio In Animation
Damian Candusso is a Sound Designer and Associate Lecturer in Animation and Visual Effects at Charles Sturt University. He is a MPSE member and has more than 15 years' experience in Film, Television, Animation and Games. His latest film Happy Feet, recently won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film at the 79th Academy Awards. Damian will give a breakdown on the creation of the sounds for Happy Feet, how it all came together, and how many hours went into this animation epic. Damian will also discuss the flexibility and disadvantages of working with sound in animation.

Featured in AIAF2007

Seminar | Mature (15+)
Animation 103: Click-by-Click: Building LEGO from the sound up - Damian Candusso
Sound Designer Damian Candusso will discuss the creation of the soundtrack for the animated blockbuster film The LEGO Movie. By designing sounds that evoke childhood memories of playing with the plastic bricks, balanced with the larger than life sound of the Hollywood soundtrack, Damian describes the process of bringing these iconic bricks to life. Damian will provide an insight into building several scenes layer by layer.

Featured in AIAF2015

Seminar | Mature (15+)