Jilli Rose


Bright Spots Bright Spots
Jilli Rose continues her passion for science and conservation with this ode to the importance and beauty of island environments.
, 7:45, 2016

Featured in AIAF2016 > Australian Showcase
Predator Predator
A graceful and uber-colourful swim amongst the creatures of a deep blue netherworld.
, 8:14, 2012

Featured in AIAF2012 > Australian Showcase


Animation 102: Jilli Rose Has An Awesome New Film
Based in Castlemaine in regional Victoria, Jilli Rose is one of the most vibrant and original animators working in Australia at the moment. Her latest film "Sticky" is an absorbing look at a fascinating part of the Australian fauna. Partly funded by working on American animated documentaries, it premiered in a special screening at the Melbourne Zoo, who also supported its production. Jilli will take us through the entire planning, funding and production process of this unusual project and provide us with an insightful review of her film prior to screening it.

Featured in AIAF2014

Seminar | Mature (15+)