Laurent Monneron


Burger bites man (and swallows baby). Homicidal maniacs between two sesame seed buns. The burgers are mad as hell and they ain't gonna take it any more.

Runtime: 6:23
Year: 2010

Featured in AIAF2011 > International Program #3 - Supinfocom is Back


Animation 103: Special Guest Presentation: Laurent Monneron, Supinfocom Director
With AIAF's focus on Supinfocom this year, the timing couldn't be better to have a Supinfocom director present as our special international guest. Laurent Monneron was one of the directors of Meet Buck and he will give a special presentation on Supinfocom, some insights into some of the films in our Supinfocom program and a more detailed behind-the-scenes look at the making of Meet Buck. Supinfocom is one of the finest animation schools in the world and their five-year course, which demands commitment, produces animators of stunning technical and creative ability. This presentation will be a chance to learn more about the magic.

Featured in AIAF2011

Seminar | Mature (M)