Meghana Bisineer


Light Water Glass Light Water Glass
In this, animation is the gracefully evolving veil through which a simple, unchanging reality is viewed or masked depending on your perspective.
United Kingdom , 4:12, 2011

Featured in AIAF2013 > International Program #2
A Kaffa
The essence of madness infests every dark corner of the kingdom as invasions of crabs, cockroaches and even a hovering whale threaten destruction from within, without and above.
France , 7:57, 2010

Featured in AIAF2011 > International Program #3 - Supinfocom is Back
Moments Of I Don't Know
Deceptively simple, elegant hand drawn animation following the ebbs and flows of a everyday conversation.
United Kingdom , 5:13, 2006

Featured in AIAF2007 > International Program #3