Stephen Irwin


Moxie Moxie
A sad face, a dead bear, a subdued detective and a lemon enema.
United Kingdom , 5:39, 2011

Featured in AIAF2012 > International Program #1
The Black Dog's Progress
Flipbook animation multiplied by ten and ten again. A screen filled to overflowing.
United Kingdom , 3:15, 2008

Featured in AIAF2009 > International Program #1
Bows And Arrows
Animated comic strip meets B Grade city crusher movie' style. A very bad robot hits the streets. Our only hope is ...."The Fat Weevil".
United Kingdom , 6:05, 2006

Featured in AIAF2007 > International Program #3
Attack Of The Killer Robots
A good ol' classic 'monsters-rampage-through-city-with-lots-of-screaming' film.
United Kingdom , 5:25, 2005

Featured in AIAF2006 > Comic Art Meets Animation
An imperfect miniature village.
United Kingdom , 6:45, 2005

Featured in AIAF2005 > International Program #2