Late Night Bizarre

Crazy, scary, confounding, hella-puzzling. Buckle up Spankey, it's deja-bizarre time again! Animals seem to be disproportionately featured this year, premature death experiences, a nuanced dissertation on finger eating, clowns going bad, unique and new ways to look at raw meat and even some pretty special ads for stuff you really don't want.
Featured in AIAF2013
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Animals Behaving Badly
William Murtagh
A love that dare not speak its name even in this age of instant internet stardom.

Runtime: 2:00
Year: 2012
Baby, I Love You
Faiyaz Jafri
Sure, it might start out slow and sweet but - trust us - it don't take long for the bile to rise.... and rise.... and rise!

United States
Runtime: 2:24
Year: 2012
For Love
Cheng Chen
When good fast-food mascots go bad! A bunch of things you probably never thought to do with a KFC Family Bucket and who woulda thought the Colonel and the Clown would get on so well.

Runtime: 3:41
Year: 2011
Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi
Protein Supreme! A close-up look at meat in all its wriggly, wobbly, moist and erotic splendour.

Runtime: 3:34
Year: 2012
Rotting Hill
James Cunningham
This is ONE way to deal with zombie action in the back yard. How it turns out is all a matter of perspective.

New Zealand
Runtime: 4:16
Year: 2011
Happy Train
Tami Takezawa
Probably best to try and not ride this particular line. Every one of the passengers has had their tickets well and truly punched.

United States
Runtime: 2:27
Year: 2012
Drink Powerthirst and you WILL vomit up a wedding.

Runtime: 1:20
Year: 2007
Funeral Home Pinatas
Andrew McCully, Arun Gnanaselehar, Jacob Tuck, Jayson Simpson
Nothing says love like a stick, a blindfold and a stiff full of lollies.

New Zealand
Runtime: 1:11
Year: 2012
Happy Holidays
Cameron Gough, Dirty Puppet
...or not! Hey, Christmas is crap anyway, right?

Runtime: 0:36
Year: 2012
Bunny Bashing
John Dilworth
We always knew this moment was coming - Mr Dilly finally loses it. Spleen busting excitement as two rancid sock-puppet aliens learn the finer points of boxing.

United States
Runtime: 4:47
Year: 2011
Apples We Have Eaten
Masha Ermak
Carnal and faecal delights - and their egg-popping consequences - in the bunny version of the Garden Of Eden.

Runtime: 3:10
Year: 2012
In Front Of The Mirror
Lydia Guenther
Two heads are almost always better than one. The spare head can do all the talking, handle distractions - even take the bullet.

Runtime: 2:18
Year: 2013
Ho Geun Yoon
It just doesn't get much more scatological than this - a bad day in the 'exit tunnel' for boy and brown beast alike.

South Korea
Runtime: 7:53
Year: 2011
Wolfhead And Paperface - Inside Jokes
Chris Faga, Shake Dogs
Here's a good one. See, a wolf goes into a comedy club one night and takes a seat. Next thing you know.....

United States
Runtime: 1:56
Year: 2013
Michaela Pavlatova
A voluptuously sultry tram ride resplendent in all its wondrously esoteric wobbliness.

Runtime: 7:48
Year: 2012
Salad Fingers: Friends
David Firth
Marjorie Stewart-Baxter, you taste like sunshine dust. Ooohh - Hubert Cumberdale, you taste like soot and poo. With friends like this who needs enemies.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 4:01
Year: 2008
Wild Bichons
Stefan Nadelman
Cuteness always has a dark side. And the scent of blood can galvernise the instincts of the loveliest of creatures. Go down, stay down, goner!

United States
Runtime: 2:53
Year: 2013
The Brick / Cigla
Dubravko Matakovic
A scabrous orgy of cartoony violence, snot sculpturing and brick-sharing seasoned with whiffs of vandal-strength flatulence, chicken revenge attacks and weird, self-propelling buttocks.

Runtime: 11:50
Year: 2012