Late Night Bizarre

Pulled dazed - yet screaming - from Animation Land's Groin-Electrique comes this year's cacophonous carnivale of twisted anti-classics otherwise known as Late Night Bizarre. Sure- this intro makes no sense but it doesn't have to coz you know what we mean and we know what you want.
Featured in AIAF2014
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
I Love You So Hard
Joel Veitch
Seduction-Excess!! One man's attempt to win her over with a plummeting rhino, a bladder full of killer bees and a cordless drill.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 4:20
Year: 2013
Cute Midwestern Family Moments (Oareos And Melk)
Joe Sams
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many kids. Yeah.

United States
Runtime: 0:59
Year: 2013
Knock Knock
Chadwick Whitehead
Oh God. Don't go there, it won't turn out well.

United States
Runtime: 1:14
Year: 2012
The Collector
Dimitri Kozma
A glass jar a day helps keep you regular.

Runtime: 1:00
Year: 2013
Cat Waco
Brooke Duckart
Lock the doors, bar the windows, load the guns. This is gonna get hairy.

United States
Runtime: 3:26
Year: 2012
Eternal Friend
Naoki Yamaji
There's something going on in the bathroom and it's really not good.

Runtime: 5:14
Year: 2013
Swallowing A Single-Engine Airplane
David Mussel, Fernanda Valverde, Gabriel Bitar, Giuliana Danza, Jonas Brandao, Marao, Pedro Eboli, Ze Alexandre
Swallowing is tough enough but what goes in has to come out one way or another.

Runtime: 7:46
Year: 2013
Cowpokes Livin' On The Edge
John Akre
Idiot solutions to dumb problems all done to dubious country and western mumblishin'.

United States
Runtime: 2:35
Year: 2013
Trusts And Estates
Janette Bonds
Four guys unload in a restaurant. Things have not been going well at the office but there's always a solution.

United States
Runtime: 4:53
Year: 2013
Mister Super Juicer
Aaron Peeples
Would you buy a juicer from this guy? Don't answer til you've heard the offer. But wait, there's more - a LOT more.

United States
Runtime: 4:49
Year: 2013
Prometheus Shrugged
Morgan Miller
Tell it like it is, Bro. The art of the backyard cultural critique taken to a new level.

United States
Runtime: 2:09
Year: 2012
I Don't Understand Your Website
Lyndon Daniels
Bad animals go full metal to get some customer service happening.

South Africa
Runtime: 2:10
Year: 2007
Cocky Pussy
Sean Grounds
Cocky Pussy hits the streets and quickly comes across some curious kids.

United States
Runtime: 2:32
Year: 2012
Bless You
David Barlow-Krelina
Buy the ticket, take the ride but who could have anticipated Nasal Armageddon on the nightly commute.

Runtime: 2:43
Year: 2013
Touch A Walrus
Jackson He
Touching it is one thing but licking it is another. And was the tear gas really a good idea (coz the hand-gun sure wasn't).

Runtime: 1:52
Year: 2013
Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr
In Rabbitland the rabbits have no brains, just holes in their head, which helps explain their worship of a huge pair of golden legs.

Runtime: 7:19
Year: 2012
The Penguin
Annette Jung
Who could have thought one tiny little penguin could harbour such a comprehensive grab-bag of vices and provoke so much mayhem?

Runtime: 7:17
Year: 2012
Cody Alan: "Heart Like A Rabbit"
Anthony Schepperd
A wildly eye-popping unhinged nuclear-strength psychedelic eruption.

United States
Runtime: 2:21
Year: 2013
Joe Bichard
Children can be oh so cruel.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 4:00
Year: 2013
Doctor Lollipop
Aliki Grafft
Is there a doctor in the horse? Dr Lollipop is perfect. Dr Lollipop has a flock of gentle bluebirds carry his stethoscope. Dr Lollipop has trouble operating coz he has hooves.

United States
Runtime: 5:32
Year: 2013
Sewing Machine
Brayden Gifford
An evil man in the woods with a green teeth and a sewing machine, 100 missing kids and a boy with a hook where his hand used to be. And then....

Runtime: 5:47
Year: 2013
The Origin Of A Myth: Alien Abduction
Jason Petrovitch
At last the truth about plasma smears and anal probes.

United States
Runtime: 3:00
Year: 2012
Kyle Stebbins
Just two square dudes standing around their BBQ chewing the fat - and spitting it out.

United States
Runtime: 0:43
Year: 2012
Ketsujiru Juke
Sawako Kabuki
An in depth look at... no wait, we can't say that. A large pile of......., ah, crap, we can't say that either. LNB aficionados will be out of their seats though.

Runtime: 3:10
Year: 2013