International Program #1 (2015)

The International Programs are the backbone of the whole AIAF mission. Your up-to-date snapshot of the world's independent animation scene. The freshest new shorts taken from the 3,500+ that entered (a smashing new record folks!!) There's every style, every technique, every genre. Drawn from a global call for entries, they are a set of headlights illuminating the current state of the international indie and auteur animation scene worldwide. Step right up - get 'em while they're hot!

Featured in AIAF2015
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Cruise Patrol
Bobby de Groot

One hot summer's day, a lone patrolman deals to a couple of homicidal teddy bears. THEN it turns weird.... then it turns romantic!

Runtime: 7:25
Year: 2013
Erick Oh

Oh yeah, it's eat or be eaten in this crazy, mixed up, hot dog dancing, flower picking, fish slapping, self cooking ol' world.

United States
Runtime: 6:34
Year: 2014
Alejandro Bonilla Rojas

Somehow beauty, art and post-death magic gradually emerge from the detritus of carnage strewn along a stretch of a particularly nasty piece of road.

Costa Rica
Runtime: 6:22
Year: 2014
Pluto 3000
Enrico Ascoli, Fabio Tonetto

Aiming high, a deconstructionist approach to creating an abstract version of the best Pluto ever.

Runtime: 1:16
Year: 2014
La Faillite
Jean-Jean Arnoux

More Escher than Escher, more Cirque than Soleil. A wondrous dance of a simple imagination.

Runtime: 2:25
Year: 2014
Ulo Pikkov

A truly astounding piece of stop-motion animation tracing the clockwork reincarnations of a watchmaker and the mouse that called his home-of-a-thousand-clocks home.

Runtime: 9:26
Year: 2015
Modern Man
Robert Lyons

Ahhhh, George Carlin, how we miss him. He was a modern man, a man for the millennium, digital and smoke free. He knew the upside of downsizing and a hell of a lot more to boot.

United States
Runtime: 3:55
Year: 2013
Tarzan - Joe Cartoon
Signe Baumane

A man on a sure-fire hot date wakes up to a whooooole new reality.

United States
Runtime: 3:35
Year: 2014
A Single Life
Job, Joris & Marieke

A life can be lived, measured and even manipulated in so many different ways but beware the cracks and the sudden endings.

Runtime: 2:15
Year: 2014
Dragons Are Assholes
Hae-Joon Lee

As well as burning down kingdoms, they tailgate you in Hummers and pay off their bar tabs with child support. Dragons are assholes.

United States
Runtime: 1:55
Year: 2014
Ode To Lumpy, Pout Melody
Lilli Carre

An always changing, non-stop, living, breathing morpharama.

United States
Runtime: 4:11
Year: 2014
Chaud Lapin
Geraldine Gaston, Flora Andrivon, Alexis Magaud, Mael Berreur, Soline Bejuy

A grotesquery of intrigue, forbidden inter-species passion and model ship building.

Runtime: 5:18
Year: 2014
World Of Tomorrow
Don Hertzfeldt

Don's back and his stuff is as wild as it ever was. "World Of Tomorrow" takes a young girl on a truly mind-bending tour of her future, such as it is.

United States
Runtime: 16:28
Year: 2015