Best of International Student Animation (2017)

A collection of the best new student animation from some of the best schools in the world. These films defy any notion of amateur status and showcase amazing competitive talent that demands attention and makes waves. And YOU get to vote for the Best of the Best. Your votes will choose the film named "Best Student Film" at MIAF in JUNE and everybody who completes a voting form goes in the draw to win a Full MIAF 17 Pass with the lucky winner announced on Sunday night.

Featured in AIAF2017
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Reminisce Me with The Time of a Day
Holly Lo

The memories of childhood are often made up of the smallest and most unlikely things.

Runtime: 4:16
Year: 2016
Chelsea Han

A series of surrealistically connected images dedicated to the little girl within.

United States
Runtime: 3:37
Year: 2016
Save As
Arthur Bourdot, Maxime Dupuy, Luc Giraud, Mathieu Paggi

A small character on a strange quest battles the digital headwinds of a collapsing environment.

Runtime: 5:32
Year: 2015
When The
Raffaele Gans-Pfister

Something in the script doesn't make sense - and the slow breakdown is beginning to hurt.

United States
Runtime: 3:51
Year: 2016
Gimme Milk
Minori Yamada

From a child's point of view, most of life's necessities boil down to a fairly short, simple list.

Runtime: 3:38
Year: 2016
Five Easy Steps How to Find a Soulmate
Hana Stehlikova

It's so easy to be looking in the wrong the places in this crazy mixed up world.

Runtime: 4:55
Year: 2016
In Case of Emergency
Sophia Yu

In case of emergency, break something.... anything... just keep trying.

United States
Runtime: 3:16
Year: 2016
Yoichiro Mukasa, Moe Kuribara

High stakes, high fibre Japanese chess.

Runtime: 3:42
Year: 2016
Charlie's Buck Teeth
Esther Lalanne, Xing Yao, Valentin Sabin, Camille Verninas, Chao-Hao Yang

If you're a bit different, find a place where you fit in - you could wind up being a king.

Runtime: 6:10
Year: 2016
Bon Appetit Bon Appletight
Tisha Deb Pillai

Cut, sliced, diced, fried - ready!

Runtime: 1:10
Year: 2015
Artur Hanaj

The yeast is fermenting and benchtop battle-royal is about to boil over.

Runtime: 4:45
Year: 2016
Reflecting Black
Jan Utecht

A dark and sinister force is struggling to rise.

Runtime: 6:51
Year: 2016
The Race
Jodie Haslam

Life may be a race and there may be an end but don't believe the finish line if you get to it - it's a mirage.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:07
Year: 2016
Shlomi Yosef

Life in the classroom can break you down until you snap - it's just a matter of who will be first.

Runtime: 5:21
Year: 2016
Sam Aprea

A multi-media, animatedly visual essay exploring the little things that annoy.

United States
Runtime: 9:00
Year: 2016