Welcome to AIAF 2022!

Wagga Wagga is proud to present the 21st Anniversary of the Australian International Animation Festival! The festival showcases an eclectic mix of films and will give audiences a complete, up-to-date snapshot of the international creative animation scene. The range of styles, genres and techniques is a testament to the vibrancy and relevance of creative animation, and the premiere screening of this highly acclaimed collection is happening right here in Wagga Wagga.

What is AIAF?

The Australian International Animation Festival (AIAF) is a non-profit venture bringing the world's best animation to Australian audiences. Our ethos is to bring incredible, independent, inspiring, experimental, quality animation to as broad an audience as possible by presenting a real snapshot of the international animation scene on the big screen in Wagga Wagga. The mission is not only to bring quality animated films to the masses but to build upon an untapped network of diverse artists with the potential to drive the future economy of creative industries. Our reward is attracting passionate animation enthusiasts in undoubtedly one of the most relaxed and informal animation festivals you'll find anywhere.

When is AIAF?

Friday 9 December 2022 – Starting at 6:00 pm

Please note we will update the website with more information soon!

Health First

We know that the past few years have been challenging for public exhibitions, and we are thinking of you. True to AIAF's ethos, we will respect our loyal patrons and hopefully strike the right balance between celebrating the outstanding work of animators all around the globe and putting public health first. Please visit the NSW Government website for the latest information on COVID-19 and stay at home if you feel sick. Ultimately, we know our patrons respect others and take responsibility for maintaining the health and safety of all.

AIAF Family

AIAF has established an unbelievable network of incredible people over 21 years and is looking into the best long-term solutions to support everyone in the real world and online. We also have a Facebook page if you like social media and sharing the festival with like-minded people. Whatever you choose, we thank you for all of the fantastic ongoing support, and we will continue making for a better society with art in our hearts.