Digital Panorama (2006)

This program brings together the best recently released films that lean heavily on a digital aesthetic for their inspiration and impact. These films can be fully narrative, abstract or drawn from the culture of the gaming community.

Featured in AIAF2006
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
In Search Of The Puppeteer
Chih-Ming Chang

An artist plays God with the progeny of Thing, Geisha hand puppets, and a rogue robot.

Runtime: 5:10
Year: 2005
Damian Gascoigne

A little girl finds freedom in a world where everything is suspended by airborne string.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 6:07
Year: 2005
Fabrice Le Nezet, Mathieu Goutte, Benjamin Mousquet

Two men manage an incredible flying machine until a small glitch throws a big spanner in the works.

Runtime: 6:00
Year: 2005
En Garde
Olivier Colchen, Charles De Meyer, Thomas Van Maele

Everyone's favourite adrenaline sport -extreme fencing - takes on a whooooole new dimension.

Runtime: 4:00
Year: 2005
The End
Collectif Incognito

A scarecrow imprisoned for fraternising with the enemy hatches a cunning escape plan.

Runtime: 5:30
Year: 2005
Sur Le Fil
Jean-Baptiste Ferder, Amelie Moussu, Lucie Hiawka

Whispers of the past punctuate silence in the long, hollow days. A man grieves alone.

Runtime: 6:30
Year: 2005
Zero Degree
Omid Khoshnazar

Artist and camera conspire in a menacing revenge plot against a murderer.

Runtime: 8:00
Year: 2005
Sylvain Blond, Julien Cail, Quentin Ricci

The ocean becomes a dumping ground where a new type of nasty sea-life is evolving.

Runtime: 5:00
Year: 2005
Re: Those Sounds You Sent Me!
Richard Jousiffe

A non-figurative piece which operates as a visual realisation of sounds emailed to the fillmmaker.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:00
Year: 2005
Julien Fabbris, Yuki Sakitani

A thrilling point-of-view hyper-powered flight through a sinister, futuristic landscape.

Runtime: 5:15
Year: 2005
Georgios Cherouvim

A frightening picture of industrial malaise in which buildings sprout like headstones from the desert.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:40
Year: 2005
Alex Kim

A skeletal predator prowls the back alleys of a steel grey city looking for prey - any prey!

Runtime: 1:15
Year: 2005
Jona / Tomberry

A stunning, complex CG adaptation of Rosto's own graphic novel.

Runtime: 12:30
Year: 2004