International Program #1 (2007)

Your big picture view of the international animation scene through an eclectic collection of recently released short animated works.

Featured in AIAF2007
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Once Upon A Time
Jerome Dernoncourt, Samuel Deroubaix, Corentin Laplatte

Clever & bizarre - a rollicking cavalacade of steam powered, wind up, mixed media madness.

Runtime: 5:24
Year: 2006
The Foxhole Manifesto
Nick Fox-Gieg

A laconic, slow-burn pub poem on the pros and cons of interpreting the many possible paths to (a) God.

United States
Runtime: 4:10
Year: 2007
A Journey Across Grandmother
Meghana Bisineer

Goregeously drawn film gracefully tracing the various threads of a relationship between grandmother and granddaughter.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 5:16
Year: 2005
Burning Safari
Vincent Aupetit, Florent de Lataille, Jeanne Irzenski, Maxime Maleo, Aurelien Predal, Claude-William Trebutien

HEY LOOK - MONKEYS! And they're not real happy bout the weird little aliens with the power zappers. Chaos.

Runtime: 8:13
Year: 2005
La Marche Des Sans Nom
Jean Constantial, Nicolas Laverdure, Lucas Vigroux

An intensely detailed film tapping a richly delicious, tormented surrealist vein of dancing through devastation.

Runtime: 5:29
Year: 2007
The Lecture
Clint Cure

Animation is HARD!". "Hard". "There's no shortcuts. "Yeah, no shortcuts". Two lecturers work it out over a few beers.

Runtime: 4:04
Year: 2006
Journey To The Disney Vault
Robert Marianetti, David Wachtenheim, Glen Steinmacher

A wicked, behind the scenes look at what happened to Walt's head - among other scarey Mouseland outrages.

United States
Runtime: 3:09
Year: 2006
The Red Shoe
Magnus Fredriksson

A lady's red shoe floats past a fisherman. An odd tale mixing corrupt local officials and mobile defibrillators.

Runtime: 4:44
Year: 2005
Luis Nieto

An experiment in mini marsupial slicing, inflating and exploding - all in the name of science, of course!

Runtime: 3:29
Year: 2006
Ten Thousand Pictures Of You
Robin King

Hell hath no fury like an animator scorned

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:02
Year: 2006
Florian Grolig

Stunning, uber imaginative - a vision that could only be relaised through animation. A figure walks through a fracturing, fractal landscape.

Runtime: 5:06
Year: 2007
Blindman's Bluff
Isabel Herguera

A visually extravagent film - ironically - exploring the world of the blind.

Runtime: 7:06
Year: 2005
Lorcan Finnegan

Curiosity killed the weird little wobbly legged things.

Runtime: 0:52
Year: 2006
Bach Is Dead
Audrey Spiry

Bach Is Dead! Bach Is Dead! Bach Is Dead!...... sing with me now....

Runtime: 1:25
Year: 2005
The Woodsmen - The Hole
Bart Batchelor, Chris Nielsen

Tres weirderino! How much fun can two guys have in a hole in the ground.

Runtime: 4:14
Year: 2007
The Woodsmen - Claudenapped
Bart Batchelor, Chris Nielsen

Tres weirderino II! A hopelessly flawed attempt at a double self kidnapping.

Runtime: 3:45
Year: 2007
Hello, My Name Is Joe
Dillon Markey

"Hello, my name is Joe and I work in the button factory". Prelude to a meltdown.

United States
Runtime: 2:25
Year: 2007