Animation 101: Malcolm Turner - Adventures in Ancient Animation (2010)

Presented by Malcolm Turner

AIAF Co-Director, Malcolm Turner travels extensively in the course of pulling together this festival. This year his adventures included a spending a truly inspiring weekend in deepest Somerset trawling through an awesome archive of old "Felix The Cat" episodes, hanging out with Autour de Minuit who are one of Europe's most impressive producers & distributors of digital animation, sorting out tour details with Edouard Salier who produces very 'big-concept' films, learning a lot more about the guy who animated Donald Duck, learning heaps about historical Australian animation, finally got round to sorting out a Slinky Pics Tribute program and dropped in on a dozen or so festivals. From this unique perspective, Turner will discuss these adventures in colourful detail as well as present an up to date snapshot of the contemporary indie international animation scene - complete with a special selection of the old and new films that excited him most.

Featured in AIAF2010
Program Type: Seminar
Content Rating: Mature (M)