Animation 102: Chris Pahlow - Making A Music Video - A Work in Progress (2010)

Presented by Chris Pahlow

Chris Pahlow is no stranger to AIAF. As a member of the young, award winning D.I.Y. trio he presented a selection of their films here in Wagga Wagga several years ago. He returns this year to take us through the nitty gritty of his latest animation project - a hybrid animation/live action music video. Chris has decided to channel some of animation's earliest masters in an attempt to create what amounts to a kind of digital scratch film - think Len Lye with a computer! Blend this with more contemporary effects and live action silhouette work and a clearer picture of the complexity of this production begins to emerge. But this is very much a work in progress and with much of the film's skeleton still visible this presentation promises to be a fascinating insight into the process of creating a multimedia music video - with maybe a chance to influence the final outcome.

Featured in AIAF2010
Program Type: Seminar
Content Rating: Mature (M)