Kids Program (2010)

A very special program of films selected to spark the imaginations of our littlest, most special audience. Heaps better than Saturday morning TV and not a toy ad in sight!

Featured in AIAF2010
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: General (G)
The Wreck Of The Diddley
Fatcat & Fishface

A wickedly good singing-pirate romp.

New Zealand
Runtime: 3:46
Year: 2008
The Mouse That Soared
Kyle Bell

A lucky mouse that gets a chance to learn to fly.

United States
Runtime: 5:45
Year: 2009
Tally Ho, Pancake!
Kai Pannen

Anyway you wanta have 'em, pancakes are delicious.

Runtime: 6:38
Year: 2009
Red Rider
Martins Paulins

A little girl who thinks she's Napoleon tames the wolf and her grandmother too!

Runtime: 2:35
Year: 2009
Rob Silvestri

This little pig will do ANYTHING to get the cookies.

United States
Runtime: 3:56
Year: 2009
Gideon The Great
Happy Trails Animation

Gideon The Great is a junior, World War I, ace fighter-pilot - who has to rake the yard.

United States
Runtime: 7:00
Year: 2009
Mushrooms In The Storm
Jan Stelizuk

A swarm of space-mushrooms chase an alien's rickety rocket.

Runtime: 12:59
Year: 2009
Garbage Angels
Pierre M. Trudeau

An enchanting world filled with herds and swarms of creatures created entirely from the detritus of everyday life.

Runtime: 5:29
Year: 2008
When Apples Roll
Reinis Kainaellis

Cat and his friend have their annual apple-picking disturbed when a strange egg rolls into the orchard.

Runtime: 6:42
Year: 2008