Late Night Bizarre (2010)

When your mailbag fills with more than 2000 short animated films, as ours does each year, there's going to be some pretty 'wrong' moments. This AIAF favourite brings together a collection of the strangest, most mind-expanding indescribable from that mailbag and puts them up on the big screen where we can all have a good look at them. Some are fall-over funny, some are outlandishly odd, some are just impenetrably imponderable. Together, they are Late Night Bizarre. Buckle up Spanky!

Featured in AIAF2010
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
I'm Happy
Sam Sitt

Really? Truly? You don't sound very happy! It's just an observation though - anything could be going on beneath the surface.

Runtime: 2:19
Year: 2009
Leah Shore

Saladface is upset that Bebe The Hampster is dead. The guy trying to electrocute his fish looks pretty upset too!

United States
Runtime: 8:46
Year: 2009
Monkey Men

Most of our DNA has no profound biological function. A supercharged voyage through the gaps in this DNA where we encounter a lot of mushrooms, disco mirror skulls and a few of our inner monkeys.

Runtime: 3:43
Year: 2009
The Head
Dante Zaballa

Think, Noddy does acid and takes the happy-happy, never-ending low road looking for a good time. But there are eyes in the sky!

Runtime: 2:16
Year: 2010
Nayoon Rhee

Cats can be murderous buggers sometimes! Just like some babies - turn ya back on them for a second and .... BAM! All over!

South Korea
Runtime: 5:32
Year: 2009
Bloody Hands
Tomi Malakki

This is the kind of splattered mayhem that is giving the church a bad name.

Runtime: 6:35
Year: 2008
Clemens Kogler

Sage advice from demented teddy bears, dancing penises, 300 sheep and bananas mixed with frog genes.

Runtime: 1:48
Year: 2008
How To Lose Weight In 60 Seconds
Dave Carter

A warped compendium of twisted tips on how to lose weight.

Runtime: 1:30
Year: 2010
Pellet Gunn
Tim Beckhardt

A dog and a cyclops kill some time with the help of wormholes and hobbyist self-modification kits.

United States
Runtime: 2:26
Year: 2008
Cow Town
Isaah Powers

Cows, cows, cows. More cows. Over there - a cow!

United States
Runtime: 2:40
Year: 2009
Barbee Butcher
Sophie Lagues

A little bit of Barbee Doll surgery yields some unexpected results.

Runtime: 0:23
Year: 2008
Mak The Horny Mac Daddy
Ian Miller

Mak is da man. Mak has a goal and everybody needs one of those. An exercise in pencil sketch, bar-room Cro-Magnonism

United States
Runtime: 1:06
Year: 2009
La Station Animation

A world of the most beautiful surreal surprises piled one upon another until the mind is forced to expand.

Runtime: 3:01
Year: 2009
Delicious Friend
Pierre Adrien

A deliciously scabrous journey into the innards of a fantastical, intestinal living room, all in gory, glory technicolour.

Runtime: 3:39
Year: 2009
Haunted Heart
Winona Regan

A tale of peg-leg sex, demented twins and foot-humping toads. A film with a lot of tongue made by a filmmaker with a Kovalyov touch.

United States
Runtime: 4:07
Year: 2009
Mr. Iiuu And The Nasty Bird
Till Penzek, Jon Frickey

Mr Iiuu has a bird - a nasty bird. Yes! And who is that parachuting into this platoon of over-happy minions? Could it be the star of......

Runtime: 4:27
Year: 2009
Viktoriya Gruzdyn

A happy little story of fatal infections for all the family.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:20
Year: 2009
Liminal Introspect
Mircea Purdea

I am late for the world and much too early for myself. A seering voyage to a frightening, insane interior.

Runtime: 3:01
Year: 2009
Dukes Of Broxstonia - Ear Ache
Suren Perera

Beauty is in the ear of the beholder. This film surely represents the ultimate and last word in the 'ear-wax love' genre.

Runtime: 0:45
Year: 2010
I Know You
Gudrun Krebitz

An unanswered telephone, an attempt to dance, a knife in a drawer. I know you. Do you know who you are dealing with?

Runtime: 3:54
Year: 2009