International Program #3 (2012)

The engine room; the whole kit-and-caboodle! Three programs featuring the very best and the very latest short, animated films from all around the world. Every style, every genre, every technique. Your comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the international indie animation scene.

Featured in AIAF2012
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
This Idea Is Not Working
Henrique Barone

Just about any film could be a work of creative genius - it just takes a really good idea to get it started.

Runtime: 4:29
Year: 2011
Yonalure: Moment To Moment
Ayaka Nakata, Yuki Sakitani

A supreme flight of wondrous animated fancy - a graceful cavort through an ever changing magic villagescape.

Runtime: 7:52
Year: 2011
Or Bar El

A desparate attempt to draw a straight line in a pulsing ballet of cubes and squares.

Runtime: 7:25
Year: 2011
Bon Voyage
Fabio Friedli

The dangerous journey from peril to imprisoned safety is just a numbers game.

Runtime: 6:13
Year: 2011
Michele Bernardi

A wild ride from the forest to the broken city on the back of a wolf.

Runtime: 3:47
Year: 2012
Pummel Nankeen
Ismael Sanz-Pena

A skewed exposee of social mores and train sets in crisp black and white.

United States
Runtime: 2:50
Year: 2011
Sandra Dollo, Uli Berthold

A relentlessly crazed pastiche of wild imagery from Zombie Flesh Eater.

Runtime: 2:15
Year: 2011
The Room With No Corners
Jenna Caravello

A peep-hole glimpse into the most bizarre of worlds.

United States
Runtime: 5:16
Year: 2011
Sae-By Kwangbo

A hairy, firey piece of gracefully savage eye-popping wonder.

South Korea
Runtime: 6:55
Year: 2011
Body Memory
Ulo Pikkov

Many memories dangle by the finest of threads being pulled by forces out of sight and out of control.

Runtime: 9:23
Year: 2011
The Boy With Quite A Long Pair Of Arms
Erik Butter

Very long arms have a thousand different uses around the home and school yard.

Runtime: 2:16
Year: 2011
Ezra Wube

A goat and a dog took a taxi - an evocative journey through an Ethiopian cityscape.

Runtime: 7:55
Year: 2011
Coming Of Oracle
Rao Heidmets

Tethered as we are to our imaginations, it is our job to embrace them or break free.

Runtime: 13:05
Year: 2010