International Program #1 (2013)

The International Programs are the backbone of the festival line-up. Don't look for themes, there aren't any. There's every style, every technique, every genre. Drawn from a global call for entries, they are a set of headlights illuminating the current state of the international indie and auteur animation scene worldwide.

Featured in AIAF2013
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Buy Buy Baby
Gervais Merryweather

An art deco extravaganza, perfectly pitched to make the pitch that life is all about Buy Baby, Buy!

United Kingdom
Runtime: 8:44
Year: 2012
Not About Us
Michael Frei

A mysterious twin at arms' reach, a reflection on the water, a shadow on the wall, an entrance to another dimension at your finger tip.

Runtime: 3:36
Year: 2011
Thought Clouds
Jon Saunders

The story behind the story. Two animators sit down to brainstorm a kickass ninja toon.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 2:13
Year: 2012
The Incal
Pascal Blais

Masters of classic design, Pascal Blais bring to the screen a stunning, epicly rich film based on a dramatic sci-fi graphic novel.

Runtime: 3:05
Year: 2011
Bet She'an
Julien Soler, David Calvet, Bastien Letoile, Gongjin Wang, Guillaume Raynaut, Jeremy Charbonel

High in the mountains a strange colony of man-bird creatures are forging a vast monument of stone and iron to pay tribute to who knows what kind of god.

Runtime: 8:00
Year: 2012
The Deep

An aquatorial parade of the most beautiful junk reformed into an enchanting collection of creatures.

United States
Runtime: 1:33
Year: 2011
Johan Rijpma

Multiples multiplied and multiplied and multiplied again to the power of 100.

Runtime: 1:15
Year: 2012
Adnan Popovic

The cloistered interior of a pure white room is the perfect space to unleash a sustained fiesta of stop-motion.

Runtime: 4:00
Year: 2011
Hugo Bravo

A crazy-good stretching and rolling photo montage essay from the very outer edge of what the technique can deliver.

Runtime: 2:03
Year: 2012
We May Meet, We May Not
Skirmanta Jakaite

A perspective bending trio meet in the woods and move forward-backwards-sideways from there.

Runtime: 7:44
Year: 2011
The Animation Tag Attack
Christen Bach

Twelve directors, four weeks, no rules - just creativity. A storytelling experiment.

Runtime: 9:52
Year: 2012
Amir Admoni

A little guy with the roughest, rottenest deal of them all rolls out for another day on the road-stripe of life.

Runtime: 6:04
Year: 2012
Bob: On Charity
Darren Walsh

A short, sharp, simple vignette from Bob who shares his views on his community service in a charity shop.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 1:36
Year: 2012
Shave It
Fernando Maldonado, Jorge Tereso

Being a sharp dressed monkey doesn't cut it in the big city. It's size that really counts.

Runtime: 4:11
Year: 2012
Villa Antropoff
Vladimir Leschiov, Kaspar Jancis

This year's definitive example of 'post-narrative' filmmaking from two of Estonia's favourite filmmakers.

Runtime: 13:03
Year: 2012