3 Days in Paris (2015)

Last year AIAF Co-Director, Malcolm Turner, spent three days visiting every animation studio, school and distributor in Paris that he knew. That's a LOT of coffee, a LOT of Metro tickets and a LOT of films. This program showcases the pick of that crop. Some older films that established a studio, some newer films that are lighting up the festival circuit. Turner will introduce this program in detail, offering insights on both the historic and contemporary Paris animation scene as he saw it on this trip.

Featured in AIAF2015
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Jeremy Clapin

Decoys come in all shapes and sizes. And some of them interpret their job descriptions in remarkably idiosyncratic ways.

Runtime: 10:16
Year: 2012
Ugo Bienvenu, Kevin Manach

Ah, the (not so) silent scream. All is far from OK in this slowly building familial pressure cooker. Tick, tick, tick...

Runtime: 5:05
Year: 2013
The Blue Room
Tomasz Siwinski

Trapped in a room with a view, a man must compete with what might be little more than his own fractured memories and dreams for the singular path to freedom.

Runtime: 14:25
Year: 2014
Max Maleo, Aurelien Predal

A wild and crazed high speed romp following a couple of bats that sustain the kind of physical damage that only animated characters can limp away from.

Runtime: 7:21
Year: 2013

An uber stylish ad for Lowdi wireless speakers, from one of the hippest young animation studios in the city.

Runtime: 0:49
Year: 2013

A veritable animation avalanche, a tumble dryer of imagery, 30-mindblowing-seconds.

Runtime: 0:31
Year: 2012
7 Tonnes 3
Nicolas Deveaux

There's an elephant in the gym and it's having a LOT of fun!

Runtime: 2:22
Year: 2012
The Crab's Revolution
Arthur de Pins

A true classic, one of the most popular animated short films ever! For every crab problem there is a crab solution - even if it isn't straight out in front of you.

Runtime: 5:03
Year: 2004
The Chant
Ines Sedan

An exquisitely textural film that floats its audience through the contoured estuaries of emotions that unite and divide a couple existing in uneasy coalescence.

Runtime: 8:18
Year: 2013
Christian Volckman

An elegantly stylish example of digital hybrid animation years ahead of its time, from the filmmaker that went on to make the animated cult feature "Renaissance".

Runtime: 8:38
Year: 1999
Do Penguins Fly
Alban Lelievre

Well, maybe. But you need proof. And getting proof takes patience and luck - both of which seem to be in short supply on this expedition.

Runtime: 2:14
Year: 2006
Professor Kliq - Wire And Flashing Lights
Victor Haegelin

Follow the crazy walk of the wired man inhabited by Professor Kliq's music. You won't believe your eyes.

Runtime: 1:38
Year: 2013
Still More Changes
Barbara Malleville, Benoit Guillaume

In the midst of a journey to recover and reconnect with his disconnected head, a man discovers he may be wiser and more flexible without it.

Runtime: 9:50
Year: 2013