International Program #3 (2015)

The International Programs are the backbone of the whole AIAF mission. Your up-to-date snapshot of the world's independent animation scene. The freshest new shorts taken from the 3,500+ that entered (a smashing new record folks!!) There's every style, every technique, every genre. Drawn from a global call for entries, they are a set of headlights illuminating the current state of the international indie and auteur animation scene worldwide. Step right up - get 'em while they're hot!

Featured in AIAF2015
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Fantoons - Chasing Mr Big
David Calcano, Nacho Rodriguez

Classic, old school, crazy toon-towne animation at its best. Super-charged animated mayhem following one poor guy's very bad day.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 4:25
Year: 2014
Renee Zhan

A pigeon's life is not an easy one. The dodgy rep about being flying rats can be depressing. But having your kids nibble off your toes is the worst.

United States
Runtime: 4:34
Year: 2014
Ignatz Johnson Higham

A clever visual patchwork of domestik illusyonyn shining a subtle light in the things we never ask and we never tell.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 4:35
Year: 2014
In Line
Kamila Kucikova

A beguiling combination of wondrous eye-candy and a reminder that waiting in line in an orderly fashion does not always render positive results.

Runtime: 3:57
Year: 2014
Black Tape
Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot

Entangled together in a complex tango, victim and victimiser dance against the bonds that tie them together.

Runtime: 3:02
Year: 2014
My Dad
Marcus Armitage

A jumbled pastiche of colourful imagery makes the perfect dance partner for a rapidly disintegrating depiction of one boy's understanding of his father.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 5:48
Year: 2014
Marko Mestrovic

Channelling Hemmingway is as good a start point as any to explore a force so powerful it can defy gravity and carry us past the beyond.

Runtime: 8:07
Year: 2014
Fabienne Wagenaar

Obscured by a lunar eclipse, a circus lion taming act morphs into a deadly, delicate game of hide and seek.

Runtime: 5:39
Year: 2014
The Tale Of The Plump Bird
Saki Iyori

A beautifully hand-crafted film surveying the shifting sands and malleable priorities of the relationship between a special bird and its unusual caretaker.

Runtime: 2:56
Year: 2014
Circle Game
Patrick Jenkins

Initially an enchanting dance of circles gradually veers into the purely abstract realm through superimposing two drafting templates, resulting in a cascade of 'chance' animation.

Runtime: 1:02
Year: 2014
Dead End
Hamish Steele

Barney pushes the wrong button and finds himself begging for directions from a naked God of the Internet.

United States
Runtime: 4:56
Year: 2014
Jiro Visits The Dentist
Gina Kamentsky

Jiro has a dream about the artist formerly known as Prince and visits the dentist with his friend, the Lighthouse Phone Man.

United States
Runtime: 1:30
Year: 2014
Matija Pisacic

Everybody knows the story of Laika the dog, the first creature launched into space by the Russians. Popular theory is that Laika was a stray, but what if there was an owner. The story of an epic and crazed search.

Runtime: 18:15
Year: 2014