Kids Program (2016)

Definitely one of the must-see events of AIAF every year, an incredible program of films specially selected to spark the imaginations of our most special audience. Animation, like childhood, can be just full of wonder with the biggest pleasures being the simplest ones. This program carefully chosen for our youngest viewers strips away all the soft-sell toy ads and the over-the-top blockbuster-style special effects and just delivers up a program of wonderful films full of simple joys. Loved by adults as well, this program is truly exceptional.

Featured in AIAF2016
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: General (G)
Clap! Clap! Playfulness
Loup Blaster

These cartoon characters have got a LOT of rhythm!

Runtime: 2:52
Year: 2015
Frozen Fun
Verena Fels

Every penguin loves snow of course. But elephants and rhinos? They're not so into it.

Runtime: 4:08
Year: 2015
Bear And Bird
Rachele Greenberg

Bear and Bird love watching TV when they can but their super secret spy organisation keeps them pretty busy.

United States
Runtime: 4:31
Year: 2015
Bat Time
Elena Walf

The problem with being a bat is that everybody else is asleep when you want to come out and play.

Runtime: 3:57
Year: 2015
Susann Hoffmann

Looks can be deceiving and changing colours doesn't help much. Time for a new plan.

Runtime: 3:13
Year: 2014
Julia Ocker

A wolf is supposed to be tough and fearsome - not jump around the forest in a ballet dress.

Runtime: 3:59
Year: 2015
Perfect Houseguest
Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter

Little Mouse reckons he has figured out how to make himself really, really helpful.

United States
Runtime: 1:34
Year: 2015
Queen Bum
Maja Gehrig

A made-up story about two people trying to get somewhere and a big bum that gets in their way.

Runtime: 10:58
Year: 2015
Leonid Shmelkov

This chook isn't sure exactly what's going on but it knows something pretty crazy happens every time it pulls the rope.

Runtime: 5:46
Year: 2015
One Two Tree
Yulia Aronova

One day, a tree like any other jumps into a pair of boots and goes off for a walk inviting everyone it meets to follow.

Runtime: 6:47
Year: 2015
The Little Seed
Chaitane Conversat

Every great day starts out with a magic dress.

Runtime: 9:52
Year: 2015