Late Night Bizarre (2016)

This is animation that chases you down! You can run but you'll only die tired. Your best bet is to just buckle yourself down and take it all in. You know you want it! We know you want it! Here it is!

Featured in AIAF2016
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
The River
Leo Wieser

There's a river of snot running out of my nose.... sing with me now....

Runtime: 2:58
Year: 2015
Master Blaster
Sawako Kabuki

Everything you always wanted to know about psychedelic sex but couldn't imagine for yourself.

Runtime: 3:49
Year: 2015
Senior's Choice
Ave Taavet

An alternative path to loosing your mind - set to a catchy jingle to help you keep up.

Runtime: 9:09
Year: 2015
Bump Classique
Ben Wheele

The sad and sorry splatter death of a balloon man.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 3:37
Year: 2015
Patrick Schoenmaker

It doesn't matter how desperate, you can't shove a bingo ball into THERE!!

Runtime: 2:40
Year: 2015
Last Ex: Girl Seizure
Gabe Mangold

An amazing "surprise-a-second" psychedelic step through looking glasses almost beyond comprehension. A truly incredible journey.

United States
Runtime: 1:26
Year: 2014
Walked Dog, Dog's Dead. Sorry
Dermot Lynskey

Yeah - not a good start to the day, that's for sure. But there is worse and stranger - much stranger - to come.

Runtime: 6:52
Year: 2015
Toto's Tusks
Mehr Chatterjee

Toto, the once mighty alfa male elephant has lost his tusks and nobody wants to know him.

United States
Runtime: 2:53
Year: 2015
The Motorcade
Colin White

So here's one parade that definitely ain't coming to a town near you anytime soon.

United States
Runtime: 1:16
Year: 2015
Post Industrial
Boris Pramatarov

If this is the future we've got more problems than our wildest imaginations can dream of.

Runtime: 3:19
Year: 2015
Ivan's Need
Veronica Lingg

They say man cannot live by bread alone but this teenage boy looks like he'd be happy to give it a try.

Runtime: 6:16
Year: 2015
The Moan Area
Minoru Karasube

Kinda like the playground for the rejects that didn't quite make it out of God's blender in one piece.

Runtime: 4:28
Year: 2014
Don't Tell Mom
Sawako Kabuki

There's probably a few things most of us shouldn't tell Mum but this is ridiculous.

Runtime: 3:16
Year: 2015
Ryan Ines

Smile. Smile if you self-immolate, smile if you're run over, rejoice when you go over the cliff. It's only a cartoon, right?

United States
Runtime: 5:56
Year: 2015
It's OK
Marat Narimanov

It's really, really not OK!!!

Runtime: 1:00
Year: 2015
Doggy Love
Wong Ping

A world of possibilities open up for our unhappy little anti-hero when he meets a girl with .... errrr...breasts on her back.

Hong Kong SAR China
Runtime: 5:59
Year: 2015