International Program #1 (2017)

The International Programs are the backbone of the whole AIAF mission. Your up-to-date snapshot of the world's independent animation scene. The freshest new shorts taken from the 4,000+ films competing for your love. There's every style, every technique, every genre. Drawn from a global call for entries, they are a set of headlights illuminating the current state of the international indie and auteur animation scene worldwide. Be the first to experience these beautiful films on the big screen!

Featured in AIAF2017
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
Slow Wave
Andy Kennedy

The hidden forces that morph dreams into nightmares can turn your world inside out.

United States
Runtime: 3:32
Year: 2016
Nerdo Creative Studio

Bukowski's roiling, volcanic thoughts writ aloud on one of his favourite subjects.

Runtime: 2:14
Year: 2016
9 Ways to Draw a Person
Sasha Svirsky

Nine HUNDRED ways to draw a person. Blink and you miss half of them.

Runtime: 6:28
Year: 2016
Florent Arnould, Julien Becquer, Noemie David, Andy Dupont, Matthias Mouton

A fight to death as the forest reaches for the sky and crashes back to the earth.

Runtime: 8:14
Year: 2016
Giraffe Soup
Anatola Howard

A most magnificent meal of wondrously glorious and tasty creatures aplenty.

United States
Runtime: 1:36
Year: 2016
Elizabeth Hobbs

A splendid yet intricately simple, grandly old-school tribute to pioneering aviatrix Amy Johnson

United Kingdom
Runtime: 1:16
Year: 2016
How Are You Today?
Sophie Markatatos

Life at the bottom of the pile is never easy. Even when you have a good friend it doesn't always work out.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 7:17
Year: 2016
Zhong Su

In the daily battle to enforce the rules, having the high ground is all important - until the crowd turns.

Runtime: 7:16
Year: 2016
Out of Internal Worlds
Helen Unt

A man and a woman seek out the balance between them which is bridged by a mysterious snail and a portal to another place.

Runtime: 10:37
Year: 2016
Six God Alphabet Peter
Peter Millard

Peter Millard is back and he's messing with the rules of cinema more than ever.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 6:41
Year: 2016
Ralph Plays D'Oh!
Fabio Tonetto

Simpsons in a blender, colour on the boil, glimmers of the familiar splattered on the screen. D'oh!

Runtime: 0:35
Year: 2015
Table of Gods
Jacob Menden

The winds are coming, the sky is changing, the atmosphere is charging up. The Gods are stirring.

United States
Runtime: 3:20
Year: 2016
The Sparrow's Flight
Tom Schroeder

An intensely personal tribute to a lost collaborator bound inside an astonishing visual encyclopaedia of animation styles.

United States
Runtime: 13:58
Year: 2016