Late Night Bizarre (2018)

Are you ready for the unforgettable thrills of our most daring program? The ultimate experience in pushing the wildest boundaries of contemporary animation returns for our adventurous audience's viewing pleasure. Prepare the Alphabetti-Spaghetti for anyone who told you animation is just cartoons for kids. You know you want it! We know you want it! Here it is!

Featured in AIAF2018
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
1st Day And Next Minute
Sara Koppel

Beware the giant tongued rabbit... unless, of course, giant tongue is what you seek.

Runtime: 2:45
Year: 2017
A Blank Control
Maeva Jacques

A veritable visual encyclopaedia of creepy creature orificialism. And some other stuff.

Runtime: 6:48
Year: 2017
Wank Sock
Annie Murray

There's a time to squeeze and there's a time to just wait and see what will pop out.

Runtime: 4:40
Year: 2017
God Bless America
Dane Cree, Michelle Brost

If the banjo don't get ya, the bugs or the student debt will.

United States
Runtime: 3:44
Year: 2017
Ben Meinhardt

A beautiful ode to a simple donkey that gave his all - his ALL - for the sake of the children.

Runtime: 0:40
Year: 2017
Alessandro Bavari

Let the rhythm get into your head.

Runtime: 7:05
Year: 2017
Horses-Happy Holidays
Leah Shore

Good times! There's more than one way to skin a......

United States
Runtime: 0:36
Year: 2016
Kyung-Hyun Nam, Seo-Ro Oh

Owwww.... that's really not a good place to be joined at!

South Korea
Runtime: 2:49
Year: 2017
Total Eclipse
Noah Malone

The first twinges of a sweet and simple love borne out of shared physical mutations.

United States
Runtime: 3:47
Year: 2017
Lena Olafsdottir

Who chokes on ice cream? Death, chaos, muzak and breaking waters in a hospital waiting room.

Runtime: 4:44
Year: 2016
Food For Fraught
Reid McManus

Breakfast as the ultimate hellishly hilarious freak show spectacle!

Runtime: 2:26
Year: 2017
Oh God
Betina Bozek

A slow, graceful waltz of the grotesquery.

Runtime: 3:48
Year: 2017
Those Progressive Meats
Minoru Karasube

An oozing, miscued slither towards a dubious enlightenment.

Runtime: 3:38
Year: 2017
Donato Sansone

Two cyborg warriors face off in a battle to the death. "An eye for eye" is the least of it.

Runtime: 6:07
Year: 2017
Parasitic Endeavours
Simon Christoph Krenn

A hilarious bouncy rubber ball of heads. Don't try this at home even if you can.

Runtime: 1:40
Year: 2017
The Nut Case Mind Shield
Daniel Cooper

A whole new way to avoid mind theft and rectal probing.

Runtime: 0:55
Year: 2017
The Absence Of Eddy Table
Rune Spaans

Eddy probably thinks this is his lucky day. Eddy is very, very wrong.

Runtime: 12:18
Year: 2017