International Puppet Animation Panorama (2008)

It takes skill and a very specific 'determination to animate' to even begin making a puppet film. The first signs of a re-emergence of classic style Russian puppet animation, the staging of a wildly successful international puppet animation conference in Estonia and the release of record numbers of wonderful indie puppet films inspired us to focus on this most hands-on of techniques.

Featured in AIAF2008
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Small Birds Singing
Linda McCarthy

A bizarre, uber imaginative little garden filled with arguing apples, tiny elephants bred to vacuum under furniture and a masked, crime fighting butler called to action by a buzzer in his tie.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 7:00
Year: 2007
The Pit And The Pendulum
Marc Lougee

Produced with the help of puppet animation legend, Ray Harryhausen, this film depicts Poe's classic tale of one man's attempt to survive the torments of the Inquisition.

Runtime: 7:07
Year: 2006
Park Bench People
Denisa Grimmova

If only the park bench could talk it'd have some stories to tell. A film reflecting on the comings and goings of people who meet in the park.

Runtime: 8:54
Year: 2007
Sequence 01 - Plan 02
Remi Durin

The underground metro becomes an unlikely point for the time to suddenly come to a screeching halt.

Runtime: 7:54
Year: 2007
Pecatum Parvum
Asya Lukin

An immensely absorbing, richly textured film set in St Petersburg and inspired by Russian poet Daniil Kharms.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 9:33
Year: 2007
Ooioo: "Umo"
Shoji Goto

A damn funky little music video jam packed with raw energy.

Runtime: 4:12
Year: 2006
Bjorn Verloh, Henning Thomas

In a world made of paper a man struggles to keep his face.

Runtime: 5:45
Year: 2007
Marie Schultz

A clown-like figure with something beating ominously in its chest is transfixed trying to perform a task he seems to have no hope of achieving.

Runtime: 6:29
Year: 2007
Nick Hilligoss

On a desert planet, a medieval jester unfolds his portable stage and compels his puppets to perform an old story of transformation.

Runtime: 3:42
Year: 2006
What's Next
Claudia Rothlin, Adrian Fluckiger

A kidnapping of almost comical incompetence.

Runtime: 0:00
Year: 2006
Africa Parting
Robyn Yannoukos

A gorgeously animated, contemplative film capturing the very soul of a proud Africa.

South Africa
Runtime: 7:54
Year: 2006
Live Life
Jonathan Pasternak

Great advice from Mr William Shatner - "live life like you gonna die, coz you're gonna". Featuring an all star (although less than alive) cast including Johnny Cash, Albert Einstein, that guy from the Stones and Joey Ramone all sitting in on a special church service in The Ossiary, a church made famous by Svankmaijer because of the 40,000 human bones that decorate it.

Runtime: 5:30
Year: 2007