Daryl Munton


Living in a wasteland of discarded junk, way below the beautiful floating city, a young junk yard dweller chases after her only valuable possession.

Runtime: 3:08
Year: 2019

Featured in AIAF2020 > Australian Showcase


Animation 103: The Lampshade Collective - Under the Spotlight
The Lampshade Collective has built an extremely formidable reputation as first class CG filmmakers. Their first film "Nullarbor" was one of the most screened and successful short animated films ever made in Australia. Their new film, "The Gallant Captain", a stunning adaptation of a Graeme Base book is nearing completion. The Lampshaders take us through the history of making "Nullarbor" and offer a sneak peek at the Captain. You saw it here first.

Featured in AIAF2013

Seminar | Mature (M)