Felix Colgrave

AIAF Filmmaker

Throat Notes

Official Selection for AIAF2021

Runtime: 8:30
Year: 2020

Featured in AIAF2021 > Late Night Bizarre (2021)
Flyin' Bamboo

Colgrave rolls out another collection of his crazy, surrealish creatures and this time they are moving to the music.

Runtime: 2:50
Year: 2018

Featured in AIAF2018 > Australian Showcase (2018)
Double King

Ah, the quest for power in alllllllll its crazy, twisted, warped and comically gory forms.

Runtime: 9:41
Year: 2017

Featured in AIAF2017 > Late Night Bizarre (2017)
The Elephant's Garden

A glimpse into a uniquely psychedelic Garden Of Eden - evolution's (very) alternative universe.

Runtime: 4:25
Year: 2013

Featured in AIAF2014 > Australian Showcase (2014)