Galen Fott

AIAF Filmmaker

Du Iz Tak?

A sprouting plant and a community of insects offer a microcosmic view of the unstoppable cycle of life.

United States
Runtime: 10:45
Year: 2018

Featured in AIAF2019 > Kids Program (2019)
I Want My Hat Back

My hat is gone. I want it back. Have you seen my hat? I love my hat. I think a rabbit has something to do with this.

United States
Runtime: 8:52
Year: 2013

Featured in AIAF2015 > Kids Program (2015)
The Librarian From The Black Lagoon

The library is not a scary place no matter what the signs say.

United States
Runtime: 9:35
Year: 2007

Featured in AIAF2008 > Kids Program (2008)