Animation 102: Adventures In Animation: The Director's Secret Stash (2011)

Presented by Malcolm Turner

Every year AIAF Co-Director Malcolm Turner packs a cut lunch, puts on sensible shoes and heads out into the big wide world to see what animation he can. He loves doing it and, frankly, it's nice to have him out of the office for a while. This year his obsessions turned to Polish animation, the New York indie scene, the UPA Studio (who gave us classics like Mr Magoo) and the RCA in London, so expect a look into those aspects of the artform. But there's always the totally random stuff that gets filed under 'can't figure out where else to show this' and that's when his annual AIAF presentation can get really interesting. One year, the audience loved it so much they gave him a special hat - and where better to wear it than here?

Featured in AIAF2011
Program Type: Seminar
Content Rating: Mature (M)