Priit Tender

AIAF Filmmaker

Bird Flu

Banished from paradise and in a world where the birds are disappearing, a desperate penguin resorts to the solace of cider.

Runtime: 9:40
Year: 2016

Featured in AIAF2017 > International Program #3 (2017)
House Of Unconsciousness

A man must navigate a bizarre hell of his own making if he is to control the fire that may consume all that matters to him.

Runtime: 10:40
Year: 2015

Featured in AIAF2015 > International Program #2 (2015)

A complex, utterly surreal examination of both youth and the animation art-form in their determination to ignore the physical laws of nature. Or something!

Runtime: 8:28
Year: 1996

Featured in AIAF2011 > 10 Years of Bizarre (2011)
A Vegetated Director

A superbly nutty film for everybody who ever thought their boss was no smarter than a pot plant. This guy actually is!

Runtime: 2:34
Year: 2007

Featured in AIAF2008 > International Program #2 (2008)