Australian Panorama (2008)

Australian animation turns up in festivals all over the world and is recognised for its diversity and inventiveness. This program showcases that diversity - every technique, genre and style imaginable; classic tales, documentaries, abstract and comedies. It's all here in this collection that will premiere here in Wagga Wagga before heading off for screenings around Australia and the world.

Featured in AIAF2008
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Restricted (R 18+)
Nick Hilligoss

On a desert planet, a medieval jester unfolds his portable stage and compels his puppets to perform an old story of transformation.

Runtime: 3:42
Year: 2006
Audrey Lam

Rich, varied and raw images from the tunnels under our feet. An energetic and edgy rendition of the underground.

Runtime: 4:03
Year: 2007
Snooze Animations

It takes a special monkey to take on these sorts of missions. A monkey with the right stuff; a monkey that has the right pedigree. A monkey that knows which button to push. And which button not to push - oh yes, that's important too!

Runtime: 7:21
Year: 2007
Dave Edwardz, Gareth Cowen

Punk fish that discover the haphazard joys of body piercing and the screaming crazy rides upwards to the blinding white light.

Runtime: 8:54
Year: 2007
Professor Pebbles
Pierce Davison

They say your 500th birthday is always the hardest. Professor Pebbles had hoped for a much more important role to play in hell than teaching basic evil to bored school kids. Is it his fault that he's a nice guy?

Runtime: 12:40
Year: 2007
Global Warming
Sheldon Lieberman, Igor Coric

Utterly hilarious! This guy will have you rolling in the aisles until they fill up with glacier melt.

Runtime: 1:51
Year: 2007
Sam Samai

Having finished the last of his water, Kaulahun presses on into the wind in search of water, unaware that there is someone else in this desert keeping a watchful eye on him.

Runtime: 6:35
Year: 2007
Annemarie Szeleczky

An animated reworking of the filmmaker's drawings which formed an exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.

Runtime: 3:19
Year: 2008
The Goat Who Ate Time
Lucinda Schreiber

A gourmet goat with an appetite for more more more stumbles upon the ultimate morsel.

Runtime: 7:17
Year: 2007
Fish Getting Pissed On A Semi
Jeremy Austin

Sometimes the title is all you really need to know.

Runtime: 2:04
Year: 2007
The Man With The Lonely Shadow
Thidang Chhor

A new life emerges for a man as his shadow takes the lead.

Runtime: 3:12
Year: 2007
The Passenger
Chris Jones

A stunning technical achievement. Public transport isn't without its dangers .... but giant slobbering fish??

Runtime: 6:49
Year: 2007