Animation 102: Dennis Tupicoff - "Chainsaw" (2009)

Presented by Dennis Tupicoff

Dennis Tupicoff is without doubt one of Australia's most successful auteur animators. In a career spanning three decades, Tupicoff has produced some of Australia's most loved and screened animated films. "Darra Dogs" and "His Mother's Voice" are as close to classics as indie Australian animation is likely to get. His films are distinctly, fundamentally Australian works and he has done as much as anybody in this brown burnt land to put Australian animation on the map. His latest film "Chainsaw" is a stunning tour de force which has been in constant demand at international festivals since it was released. Dennis brings "Chainsaw" to Wagga and takes us through the process of creating it, presenting it to audiences all over the world and gives us an overview of just how important the international animation festival circuit is for Australian films.

Featured in AIAF2009
Program Type: Seminar
Content Rating: Mature (M)