International Program #1 (2016)

The International Programs are the backbone of the whole AIAF mission. Your up-to-date snapshot of the world's independent animation scene. The freshest new shorts taken from the 4,000+ that entered (a smashing new record folks!!) There's every style, every technique, every genre. Drawn from a global call for entries, they are a set of headlights illuminating the current state of the international indie and auteur animation scene worldwide. Step right up - get 'em while they're hot!

Featured in AIAF2016
Program Type: Films
Content Rating: Mature (M)
DDWIWDD-Dan Deacon 'When I Was Done Dying'
Dave Hughes

Nine animators create an extreme set of 'space-shifting' sequences in the process of generating this music video.

United States
Runtime: 5:53
Year: 2015
Sander Joon

A nicotine addicted cyclist in a race against time finds the pathway to the finish line littered with a plethora of peculiar obstacles.

Runtime: 6:11
Year: 2015
Juan Salas

A boat with a boot sailing through an ocean of orange hair on the head of a madman who eats all the fish. It's a pretty wild ride.

Runtime: 2:59
Year: 2014
Alexa Haas, Bernardo Britto

A doco of sorts. The story of a glove which/who may live and travel forever after becoming separated from an orbiting space station.

United States
Runtime: 5:45
Year: 2015
Who Will Pay The Bill
Daniel Nocke

If you think modern life is like a jungle and the laws of economic evolution favour the strongest, you might be right.

Runtime: 3:47
Year: 2015
The Guardian
Alessandro Novelli

Based on Kafka's 'The Trial' this imaginatively drafted film uses every drop of the power that elegant black & white animation offers.

Runtime: 4:52
Year: 2015
Digna van der Put

Parades come in all shapes and sizes. They run the entire gamut of costumed pageantry. Anyone can parade - even those who shouldn't.

Runtime: 4:13
Year: 2015
David Delafuente

Sometimes the best thoughts come to you at 3am. Against the black of night, simple white lines push those thoughts into bright relief.

United States
Runtime: 4:00
Year: 2015
In Your Eyes
Julien Arnal

The reflections of a man forever marked by war who, instead of dying one night as might have been his fate, simply lost his body instead.

Runtime: 6:04
Year: 2015
Unhappy Happy
Peter Millard

A courageously structured film looking at the gaps between happiness and it's flipside twin. Don't expect continuum.

United Kingdom
Runtime: 7:03
Year: 2015
Georgios Cherouvim

The world is changing fast and the army of men in black suits may or may not be here to help.

Runtime: 2:47
Year: 2015
Robert Seidel

Very aptly described as a riotously coloured nine piece virtual sculpture resembling "a Rorschach test on acid".

Runtime: 3:27
Year: 2015
Go To City Ele
Wenyu Lee

Being different can cast you into a lonely place in a world that values the comforts of conformity. But tides turn and all things change.

Runtime: 9:20
Year: 2015